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Sinoboom Ranks among the T50 Summit of World Construction Machinery Industry 2022

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(Adnkronos) – CHANGSHA, China, Nov. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On November 21st ,  2022  Top 50 Summit Of World Construction Machinery Industry was successfully held in Shanghai. Sinoboom was welcomed into the annual Top 50 World Construction Machinery Manufacturers listing, entering at number 48. In addition, Sinoboom was also acknowledged with two awards marking significant achievements. The first accolade places Sinoboom among the top 10 most profitable companies, while the second recognizes Sinoboom as one of the top 10 companies with highest return on assets. The T50 Summit of World Construction Machinery Industry has been held yearly since 2002 and recognizes the performance of companies in the sector on a global scale. Steven Liu, Sinoboom Chairman, attended the summit in Shanghai and delivered a keynote speech. In Changsha at Sinoboom HQ, CEO Susan Xu spoke of Sinoboom's deep commitment to high-quality development, as part of the company's drive to become a respected world-class equipment manufacturer. We are delighted that our efforts have been recognized in this way. About Sinoboom Founded in 2008, Sinoboom is a global manufacturer of mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) solutions and progressed into the Top 10 in Access International's annual Access M20 in 2021. Its global headquarters is located in Changsha, China – the country's capital for construction and heavy machinery manufacturing. Specializing in cutting-edge research, quality manufacturing and product support, Sinoboom offers one of the industry's most complete product lines. Sinoboom products are available for purchase and support through the global network, including North America, Europe, South East Asia, Australia, the Middle East, South America and more. To learn more about Sinoboom products and services, visit www.sinoboom.com, and visit the European subsidiary website at sinoboom.eu.     More on Sinoboom's Social Media: Facebook:     www.facebook.com/SINOBOOM.Ltd/Twitter:       www.twitter.com/SINOBOOM_ltdInstagram:     www.instagram.com/SINOBOOM_ltdLinkedIn:      www.linkedin.com/company/sinoboom-intelligent-equipment/YouTube:      www.youtube.com/channel/UCSTKciNXVU_pbENhue-iixA
 For more information & media requests:Lily FangSinoboom Senior Brand Marketing Managerfangcl@sinoboom.comWebsite: www.sinoboom.com
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