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Trina Solar and Low Carbon Ltd. sign gigawatt multi-year supply framework agreement

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(Adnkronos) – CHANGZHOU, China, Feb. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Trina Solar, a leading global PV and smart energy total solution provider, recently signed a multi-year framework agreement with the global renewable energy company Low Carbon Ltd. The framework agreement spans three years and comprises the supply of at least 1GW of Trina Solar PV modules for multiple Low Carbon projects throughout Europe. Vertex N 605W and Vertex 670W+ series are the modules Trina Solar will deliver for the first project of Low Carbon. The framework agreement with Trina Solar provides planning security for project pipelines and will help accelerate the contracting process for future orders, with Low Carbon already securing 1GW of production volume covering its near-term project build-out plans. Securing the best products to meet long-term goals For the first project deliveries to the Netherlands and the UK, Low Carbon selected next-generation Trina Solar Vertex N 605W modules. Equipped with 210mm n-type i-TOPCon cell technology, Vertex N series reaches a maximum power output of 605W. In addition, this dual-glass module increases bifaciality to 80% and delivers higher efficiency, lower degradation, and better energy yield for lower LCOE. The Vertex N 605W module is highly compatible with trackers, offering more feasibility to utility-scale projects in the most complex of terrains. Trina Solar has published the Trina Solar 210mm Vertex N Product White Paper in January, demonstrating benefits of n-type modules in terms of technology, system value and delivery capability. Click to download the Whitepaper. The Vertex 670W+ series boasts a bigger power footprint, with a maximum efficiency of 21.6%. Fitted with 210mm cells, the selected modules have a bifacial design and improved performance in lower light areas, making them a versatile option for Low Carbon's upcoming projects. Justin Thesiger, Director of Operations & Asset Management at Low Carbon, said, "The agreement marks an important milestone for us as we grow our international renewable energy portfolio. Their high bankability and ability to commit to high up-front delivery volumes made Trina Solar a natural choice." Trina Solar is proud of its ability to commit to deliveries, allowing business partners to complete projects timely. The company has contributed to solar energy projects in Europe and beyond, developing innovative solutions with industry-leading products and infrastructure that fit customer needs. Agreements such as that with Low Carbon give Trina Solar the opportunity to continue moving the world forward with clean, renewable energy. 
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