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Hiconics Exhibited its New Generation of HiEnergy and WISDOM Series Residential Energy Storage Systems at ENEX

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(Adnkronos) – FOSHAN, China, March 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Hiconics, a green energy brand of the Midea Industrial Technology , exhibited its MINERGY, HiEnergy, and WISDOM Series residential energy storage products at the ENEX held in Kielce Fairground, Poland on March 8, 2023. At the exhibition, the three-phase and single-phase solutions to Hiconics'new generation of HiEnergy Series Residential Energy Storage System, made their overseas debut. In addition to the popularity of its precursor among European users, the new generation of HiEnergy Series ESS features high efficiency and much enhanced battery safety for safe operation. The new product, which features "Legos" quick connection technology and ground-breaking battery pack aerosol technology, can avoid the potential risk caused by traditional wire connection and prevent fire to greatly improve the safety of household users. In compliance with IP65, it can be installed outdoor and work stably in the extreme environment with a temperature of -25℃-60℃ to tolerate extreme weather conditions outdoors and ensure more stable supply of electricity to households. In addition to the new generation of the HiEnergy Series, Hiconics also exhibited all of its MINERGY and WISDOM Series products. The all-in-one solution to the MINERGY Series products, which features low noise and high efficiency, and the split solution to the WISDOM Series products, which meets the needs of energy storage of 6.9-69 kWh through various connections such as DC, AC and hybrid couplings, can provide flexible solutions to meet various household electricity demands. Based on Midea's diverse product lines, Hiconics's residential energy storage products can be well matched with Midea's competitive products such as air conditioner and heat pump, to fabricate a green and energy-saving household suit under the brand of "E-home" and provide a one-stop environment solution for users. Supported by the great strength of the Midea Industrial Technology in global R&D network and hierarchal R&D system, Hiconics will promote technological upgrading of green energy-related industries by continuously developing household energy storage products and solutions, in order to improve household users' experience in using more optimal, environment-friendly and low-carbon energy. Photo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/2029371/image_5023294_19864809.jpg
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