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ILC Dover Announces EZ BioPacZip™ Solution for Contained Powder Transfer in Biopharmaceutical Development & Manufacturing

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(Adnkronos) – NEWARK, Del., April 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ILC Dover LP ("ILC Dover" or the "Company"), specializing in innovative single-use solutions for biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical processing, announced the launch of EZ BioPacZip™ for contained powder handling and transfer. This addition expands ILC Dover's powder handling portfolio, led by the industry's most efficient and effective single-use powder transfer system – the EZ BioPac®.   The EZ BioPacZip™ is the result of an exclusive partnership with Rommelag Flex, the inventor of the Flecozip, a patented closure system for contained material transfers. The EZ BioPacZip™ includes a zipper system integrated with the three-dimensional, double-ported EZ BioPac® bags for a completely closed loop transfer during buffer and media preparation in biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing. "As we collaborate closely with our customers on their needs and challenges, our team continues to innovate and evolve our capabilities to offer more broad solutions such as the introduction of the EZ BioPacZip™," said Corey Walker, CEO of ILC Dover. "We remain focused on containing our customers' workflows so they can bring life-saving drugs and treatments to market in a quick, safe, and pure manner." EZ BioPacZip™ consists of two parts: an upper zipper attached to EZ BioPac®, constituting the single-use part, and a lower zipper with a canister, constituting the reusable part. When zipped together, it forms a barrier for the closed transfer of powders. The zipper solution overcomes the complexities of using various valves, which are reportedly challenging to open and close and could have issues with seals and possible shedding. The EZ BioPacZip™ solution is available in multiple volumes of 5–100 liters and multiple flange sizes of three-to-eight inches. The product is available in both non-gamma-irradiated and gamma-irradiated versions. Customized designs can be made available to fit different requirements. This introduction follows the Company's latest expansions into its liquid handling portfolio: silicone tubing, Water for Injection (WFI), and single-use liquid bags. To learn more about ILC Dover's EZ BioPacZip™, please visit its dedicated webpage or contact your local sales representative. About ILC DoverILC Dover is a world-leader in the innovative design and production of solutions for biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, medical device markets as well as a leading supplier for the (aero)space industries. Our customers will attest to our relentless dedication to high value products, advanced technology, and responsive service, as our visionary solutions have improved efficiency while safeguarding people, product, and infrastructure in hazardous conditions through flexible protective solutions since 1947. For more information on ILC Dover, please visit www.ilcdover.com. About Rommelag FlexRommelag Flex is a containment specialist for filling and handling API and (bio)pharmaceutical production processes. Rommelag Flex's certified, economical disposable packaging and containment solutions protect people and products from contamination. For more information, visit www.flex.rommelag.com. 
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